7 Effective Benefits Of Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are small kidney-shaped seeds that we get from opium poppy. Have you also heard about their key benefits, or has someone suggested you take poppy seeds, and now you want to know if they are beneficial?

Some of the key benefits of Poppy seeds include better cardiovascular health, helpful mental health, better infertility in females, clear skin, etc. Remember to look at its potential side effects too before adding poppy seeds to your diet.

After going through this post, you will have a clear understanding of Poppy seed’s benefits, uses, and concerns. You will also know the significance of all the claims you have heard about Poppy seeds. Let’s start by getting into the details of its benefits.         

Advantages Of Using Poppy Seeds

There are many benefits of using poppy seeds or its oil. Most of these benefits are related to your health. Let’s look at these benefits in detail and see how they help improve our health.

Aid In Pain Relieving

The first advantage of poppy seeds is their aid in relieving pain. Unwashed poppy seeds can greatly help pain reduction because they contain some compounds like thebaine, codeine, and morphine. Remember, unwashed poppy seeds can also have other harmful compounds, so take them upon recommendation by any expert.  

Better Heart Health

The second significant advantage of Poppy seeds is improved heart health. These are rich in unsaturated fats. According to research, a diet with unsaturated fats can reduce your heart attack chances compared to others by 17%. These seeds are also beneficial for blood vessels.

Source Of Antioxidants And Nutrients

Poppy seeds are also a wealthy source of antioxidants and nutrients. These include Proteins, fats, carbs, magnesium, iron, calcium, etc. These compounds are essential for our body.

Good For Mental Health

Poppy Seeds reduces the cortisol in our body. Cortisol is a steroid hormone which can cause stress and anxiety. Dry poppy seeds also have opium alkaloids, which are also very beneficial.

Improvement In Females Fertility

Another advantage of using Poppy seeds is increasing the chances of female fertility. They help remove mucus, eventually allowing females to get pregnant.

Beneficial For Cough And Asthma

Taking Poppy Seeds is very beneficial for people suffering from asthma and cough. Especially puppy tea can be a great help in coughing. All you need to do is add poppy seeds in your teapot while making tea. 

General Health Benefits

Poppy seeds also have several other health benefits. These benefits include strengthening your bones, fighting insomnia, stabilising blood pressure, and kidney stones treatment. It is also suitable for skin problems, eyes, and dandruff treatment.

Uses Of Poppy Seeds

There are various uses of poppy seeds. Two major uses of Poppy Seeds are using them in food and for health purposes. Let’s check out the details of the uses of Poppy Seeds.

In Food

Poppy seeds are used in various dishes around the world. You would have often seen them on your burger buns. These are also used as toppings in salads, noodles, and pasta. 

For Health Benefits

Poppy seeds are used for many different health benefits if used in appropriate amounts. It is used in various forms like dry, unwashed, and oil form, depending upon the purpose for which it is being used.   

Potential Concerns

Poppy seeds are usually considered safe, but there are also some potential concerns of using Poppy seeds. Quality Poppy seeds are very healthy, primarily when used in appropriate amounts.  

Effect On Health

There can be hazardous effects of Poppy seeds if used in excessive amounts. It can become an addictive habit, too. It can also act as a drug and cause overdose and even lead to death. So, you must consult a doctor before using it regularly or excessively. Moreover, poppy seed oil can also cause itchiness and redness in your body sometimes. 

Sleeping Aid

Unwashed poppy seeds have high opioid levels. These opioid levels can reduce stress by relaxing your muscles and helping with sleep. Since there is no opioid compound in poppy seeds, and it comes from pest damage, it can also be risky. So, you should not use it as a sleeping aid or to treat insomnia.  

Can Cause Positive Drug Test

Poppy seeds contain elements like codeine and morphine. Especially if you take Poppy seeds in large amounts, these compounds can be visible in your drug test after 48 hours. So, if you are an athlete or need to go through a doping test, it’s better to avoid it because a bit of carelessness can cause severe problems in your career.  

Final Words

Poppy seeds contain many healthy compounds and nutrients like manganese, fiber, unsaturated fat, etc. If taken in necessary amounts, these are very beneficial for health. Consider contacting a doctor if you want to use it more often in your routine. 

Please beware of the side effects of Poppy seeds before adding them to your routine. Due to elements like morphine and thebaine, it can be addictive, too. It’s better to avoid it if you need to go for a drug test, whether you are an athlete or it is a medical for a job.

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