Why do we need sleep?

Sleep is very important part of our life without sleep, we cannot perform well. That’s why sleep is more important than anything, because without a good amount of sleep, you won’t function perfectly, and your mental abilities as well as your physical abilities to perform and engage in activities will be calmed. That’s why a … Read more

What are sleep disorders?

A sleep disorder is a condition that disturbs the normal functioning of sleep and affects its patterns of sleeping. These disorders affect the ability to sleep and cause various health problems through which a person’s quality of life is badly affected. In sleep disorders, patients find difficulty falling asleep, and that’s why their cognitive and … Read more

Healthy Sleep Hygiene Habits

Sleep hygiene are those sleeping habits that are healthy and make you fit both mentally and physically, that’s why good sleeping hygiene is very important because sleep helps to improve your metabolism and quality of life. There are many behaviors that humans can adopt to improve their sleeping, and these sleeping hygiene habits should be … Read more

Can exercising before bed affect your sleep?

Regular exercise and working out properly give you a lot of advantages. Your overall health and a good sleep is always one of them because sleep always depends on your body condition and receptors included melatonin which promotes sleep quality and relaxation also reduces your stress levels therefore exercise increase your activity and metabolism. Nervous … Read more