Does Too Much Turmeric Have Side Effects?

Turmeric also known as curcuma longa is a ginger family plant which is often used  for spicing or colouring food. Are you a regular Turmeric user who is in search of whether turmeric is safe or not? Well you are at the right place.

Turmeric usually doesn’t have any severe side effects, in fact it has a lot of benefits. But in some cases you might face problems with Turmeric use. It is usually due to the use of impure Turmeric or having any special health condition. We will share everything you need to know about safe use of turmeric in this article. 

After going through this detailed guide you will be able to know whether Turmeric is safe for you and not.You will also get to know all the side effects and benefits of Turmeric in detail. Continue reading as we start with Turmeric and its overall uses.

Turmeric And It’s Uses

Turmeric is usually used in food but it also has several other uses for different health benefits. The key ingredient in turmeric is curcumin which is considered very beneficial for health. Let’s take a look at its uses in detail. 

For Food Colouring And Spice

Turmeric is used alot in food. It adds both flavour and colour in food. It is used alot in rice, bean dishes, soups and sauces for adding more spice in them. 

Helping In Inflammation

Turmeric also helps a lot in treatment of inflammation or swelling. Curcumin reduces levels of inflammatory markers which is eventually helpful in reducing inflammation. It is also beneficial in treatment of psoriasis, depression, arthritis and other similar diseases. 

Improved Indigestion

Indigestion is a decrease in which we feel pain in the upper abdomen or the breastbone. Curcumin, a key ingredient of Turmeric, is considered very beneficial in treating indigestion. It is usually taken by mouth for this purpose. 

Less Heart Attack Chances

Use of turmeric thinners your blood and makes your cholesterol levels and endothelial functions better. These benefits of Turmeric decrease the chances of heart attack to a larger number of extent. 

Curing Depression

Another very important use of Turmeric is within the depression patients. It is especially beneficial for people who are going through depression treatment and are using antidepressants. It is used by mouth for this purpose.

Anti Cancer Support

People also use Turmeric as a precaution for cancer. It is said that Turmeric can slow the pace of cancer cell growth and can even cause the death of these cells. Although there is no proven treatment recommended, there is a lot of ongoing research for the use of Turmeric for treating different types of cancer.   

How Much Turmeric Use Is Safe

There are no proper guidelines for the use of Turmeric but as they say “Excessive use of everything is bad”. So, we should always use Turmeric in an appropriate amount. You can find the general usage recommendations on the supplements packaging.   

FAO/WHO Expert Food Committee Recommendations 

The joint food committee of FAO and WHO has also given some recommendations of using Turmeric. The appropriate amount according to these recommendations is 3 Mg per Kg according to the body weight of the user. 

How To Check Turmeric Quality

Before taking Turmeric you must know if the quality of Turmeric is acceptable or not. Here we will inform you how you can check the quality of your Turmeric. The best method for this purpose is the testing but if it’s convenient for you, you can use some of our tips to check its quality. 

Third Party Certification

If you don’t have any lab testing available you can go for self testing. Initially you can take a look at the colour, smell and taste of the Turmeric. Then you should ensure it is certified by any good third party. 

Chemical Analysis

The 2nd and the most appropriate method to check Turmeric quality is by chemically testing it. It will show every single chemical in it with its exact amount. After that you can decide whether it’s safe to use or not.

Severe Side Effects Of Turmeric

Although there are no major side effects of turmeric but there has been noted few of them. Usually these side effects have often been seen among people with special diseases like heart, sugar problems or conditions like pregnancy. Let’s have a look at these effects in detail.

Blood Thinning

Thinning of blood is one of the serious side effects of using Turmeric especially if you are already using Aspirin. It can be very harmful especially if you are a sugar patient because any minor injury can cause a lot of trouble with recovery.   

Headaches, Diarrhea And Nausea

These are one of the common problems which people usually face while taking Turmeric. Feeling headache, nausea and diarrhea is very normal and you don’t need to worry about any of them. 

Risk Of Kidney Stones

Turmeric contains an element which is known as Oxalate. This element is one one of the causes of kidney stones. So if you are taking Turmeric in excessive amounts you are at the risk of kidney stones. 

Skin Problems

People also use Turmeric on skin and its excessive use can cause staining on skin. Stains means the patches which you get on your skin. Turmeric is considered safe if you are using it in your mouth as a mouthwash. 

Necessary Precautions While Using Turmeric

Appropriate amount of Turmeric is healthy but there are some precautions which you must take care of before Turmeric use. Some of these can cause serious problems so remember to take a detailed look at all the precautions. 

During Pregnancy Or Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are very sensitive conditions. You should not take Turmeric if you are in any of these conditions. Especially it’s excessive use can put you and your child at risk.

Gallbladder And Bleeding Problems

If you are having any problems with your Gallbladder then you should not not use Turmeric. The people with bleeding problems or sugar patients are also advised to avoid it because Turmeric thinners your blood. 

Hormone Sensation

If you are hormone sensitive, you should avoid using Turmeric because it can trigger them and cause problems for you. It can happen because of curcumin (A chemical which is found in Turmeric).

Don’t Use After Surgery

It is also advised to not use Turmeric after surgery because it will slow down the process of recovery due to thin blood. You should stop using it at least two weeks before any major surgery. 

Infertility Problems

You can even have infertility problems with excessive use of Turmeric. It is because it can reduce your sperm movement and testosterone levels. It is a very rare chance but it is possible with excessive use. 


.Wrapping it up there is no problem using Turmeric for food. Turmeric has a lot of benefits if used in appropriate amounts. Excessive use of Turmeric is harmful for this kind of use. You should avoid using it if you are going through any mediation or you are a sensitive person.

Another thing which you should keep in mind while using Tumeric is its quality alongside the quantity because using impure or chemically affected Tumeric in even small amounts can be very harmful.  

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