Marijuana Abuse And Addiction

Marijuana is a widely known drug made up of Cannabis plants. Excessive use of this drug can create several health problems for you. Are you also suffering from Marijuana addiction and want to get rid of it for a better life? Well, you are at the right place.

Marijuana addiction means smoking marijuana in large amounts despite its hazardous effects on your health and life affairs. Marijuana addiction is a severe issue and can lead to a lot of problems for you and your family if it’s not treated in time. Here, we will learn everything about Marijuana abuse, from its causes to treatment.

This blog post will educate you about Marijuana abuse and play a key role in helping you get rid of Marijuana addiction if you have an addiction. Doctors also recommend it as medical marijuana, sometimes for specific health conditions. Keep reading till the end to understand everything about Marijuana abuse or addiction.

What is Marijuana Addiction?

Marijuana addiction is the dependency upon marijuana despite its adverse effects. Marijuana directly affects your brain, and when it is used in large amounts, the brain adjusts accordingly by decreasing the production and sensitivity of endocannabinoid neurotransmitters. Then you need it in large quantities to have the same effect again. That’s how you get addicted to marijuana.

Common Causes

Here are some of the most common causes which can make you a marijuana addict. If you use marijuana, then try to avoid it or at least keep yourself away from these causes.

  • More food craving
  • It gives you pleasure
  • Less dress
  • Marijuana addicts friends
  • Light hallucinations

Symptoms Of Marijuana Addiction

There are several symptoms of Marijuana addiction. These symptoms may vary from person to person due to several reasons. It can be genetic, their health condition, previous use, the amount of marijuana they are using, and how long they have been using marijuana.

  • Euphoria
  • Intense cravings
  • Weak Memory
  • Trouble while concentrating
  • Low Energy
  • Sudden mood changes

Marijuana Abuse

Anyone can have a marijuana addiction, but here we will look into the details of people suffering during two very sensitive durations. It is harmful to everyone, but it is necessary to realize how important it is to stay away from this addiction during these two conditions.

For Teenagers

Bad company during your teenage may lead you to marijuana addiction, but you must realize its impacts on your future and try to avoid it. This research proved excessive smoking of marijuana during the brain development stage could even cause long-term or permanent mental problems for you.

During Pregnancy

Another susceptible condition of marijuana addiction is its use during pregnancy. It not only affects the health of the mother, but it also affects the baby’s health. These children may face problems like learning, weak memory, and focusing. Doctors prevent the use of marijuana during breastfeeding, too.

Side Effects Of Marijuana Addiction

There are a lot of side effects of Marijuana addiction. These side effects include both physical and mental health problems. Alongside these health problems, marijuana addiction also has another impact on your life. It also affects your work, family, and relationships.

Physical Effects

Here are the physical side effects of marijuana addiction.

Psychological Effects

Some of the psychological health effects of marijuana are;

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Mild hallucinations
  • Weak Memory
  • Paranoia

Treatment Of Marijuana Addiction

There are different methods of treatment for marijuana addiction. These methods vary depending on your condition. There is no approved medication for marijuana, but these programs may help you quit it and live a healthy life.


The first method of marijuana treatment is counseling. This method works for people during the early stages of marijuana addiction. There are different types of counseling. You may get family counseling therapy sessions or join twelve community support groups. These sessions help you realize its harmful effects and assist you in replacing them with healthy habits.

Working With An Addiction Specialist

The following treatment method for marijuana treatment is working with an addiction specialist. He will give out personal lectures continuously and help you diagnose the reasons that are causing this addiction.


Rehab is one of the most effective ways of Marijuana treatment. It is a way of psychotherapeutic therapy in which they keep addicts under their supervision for some time. They engage them in healthy activities and keep them clean during this duration. This method of treatment is often used for severe addicts.

If you are in your early addiction stages, here are some very effective online resources to help you.

  1. Narcotics Anonymous
  2. Smart Recovery
  3. Help Guide

Final Words

That was all about Marijuana addiction. If you are an addict, then you should consult an addiction specialist as soon as possible and start your way to recovery. Because this is a disease that can seriously affect you and your loved ones, if the doctors have recommended it, use medical marijuana according to the recommended dose.

If you are in the early stages of addiction or you smoke it sometimes for fun, it’s better to avoid it as soon as possible. Remember, it is very dangerous, especially if you are a teenager or you are in any sensitive condition like pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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