Tools And Tricks To Calm Your Anxiety And (Finally) Get Some Sleep

Sleeping is a blessing for most people, but it is a nightmare for people suffering from anxiety. Because it gets challenging to fight your thoughts when you are alone in bed in the dark. Are you one of those people looking for the best tricks and gadgets to help you sleep quickly?

Anxiety worsens at night, and being stuck with your fears alone is the worst feeling one can imagine. Fred not, we understand you, and that’s why we have come up with all the tips, tricks, and gadgets we know of to help you sleep quickly.  

This blog post will enable you to fight your fears and sleep as soon as you get in bed. Here, you will also learn how to calm yourself when you face anxiety in bed next time. Let’s start with understanding the science behind sleep and anxiety. 

What’s The Relation Between Anxiety And Sleep

There is a huge relation between anxiety and sleep. There is an alerting force in our body that sends signals to the brain when it sees anything more essential to deal with than sleeping. Usually, this signal is sent when you are unfortunate, happy, or fearful. 

People suffering from anxiety often get these signals because they fear intrusive thoughts. Their body sends alerting signals to the brain, and they cannot sleep. So it’s necessary to keep your mind relaxed at night. Here are some of the finest techniques and gadgets to help you relax and sleep quickly.   

Techniques To Calm Your Anxiety Before Sleeping

Here are some of the proven methods to help you sleep quickly. Remember, depression is a severe issue, and you should contact a doctor, too, alongside following these tips. Let’s get into the details of these techniques to understand them better.    


The first activity on our list to relax yourself is doing the de-stressing exercises. You can do so by doing any time of meditation before going to bed for a few minutes. Usually, it helps a lot in relaxing your mind and reducing anxiety levels.  

Prevent Lying Awake In Bed

The second tip is to get out of bed if you can’t sleep. If you have been trying to sleep for more than twenty minutes but cannot sleep, then you must get out and engage in some activity. Although it doesn’t seem like the solution, lying in bed will raise your anxiety levels and make it even more challenging to sleep.

Developing Healthy Hobbies

Remove negative habits like using a mobile or laptop or discussing negative topics. Replace those habits with healthy hobbies before going to sleep. These hobbies may include reading a book, spending time with your family or pet, etc.

Following A Regular Schedule

The last thing you need to take care of is making a schedule and strictly following it. It is because our body adjusts specific patterns and then develops accordingly. If you start following a schedule, your body will automatically send signals to the brain when it’s time, irrespective of what you are doing. That’s why it becomes easy to sleep with a proper routine. 

Best Sleeping Tools

Now, look at some of the most effective tools to make your environment sleep-friendly. These tools are not the medication for anxiety, but they can help relax your mind. Let’s see what these tools do and how they help relax your mind. 

Noise Machine & Audio Books

Reading books has been a great help, but some people have difficulty reading, so they can listen to audiobooks instead. You can purchase their monthly subscription from different apps. 

You can also use a noise machine and keep it beside your pillow to listen to relaxing music. The most famous noise machine is Rest Plus. This device is basically for kids, but it can help adults too by reducing anxiety levels and relaxing their minds.  

Weighted Blanket And Multi-Position Pillow

Mosaic weighted blankets and multi-position body pillows are among the finest choices for making a sleep-friendly environment bed. You can buy these easily from Amazon. These are more expensive than the usual blankets and pillows.    

Sleeping Tea

Sleeping tea, also known as chamomile tea, has been a great help in relaxing your mind. It does not contain caffeine, and it contains apigenin, which interacts with some brain receptors and reduces your energy levels. It also contains an ingredient named lavender, which is very famous for calming down nerves.  

Oil Set

The oil set is the last addition to our list. The oil set contains different oils which you should apply before going to sleep. Lavender oil is one of the most popular among different oils being used for this purpose. This research proved the improvement of deep-wave sleep with lavender oil. 


Wrapping it up, sleep has an obvious relation with anxiety. Higher anxiety levels make it very difficult to sleep. Regularly following our proven strategies and using these tools can help you sleep quickly. You will see a notable change in your sleeping time after a few days.

Remember, these are very effective solutions for ordinary people, but if you are facing any sleep disorder or mental problems, you must consult a doctor as soon as possible. 

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