Video Game Addiction: Causes, Symptoms, Side Effects & Treatment

Alongside fun and enjoyment, video games can run into a very unhealthy obsession as well. Are you also unable to stop playing Minecraft, pubg, or your favorite game? Are you also suffering from gaming addiction, and it is affecting your productivity? Well, you are not alone.

Millions of people enjoy video games around the world, and at the same time, it has also developed into an addiction for many people. If you are unable to complete your daily tasks due to gaming, then you are also suffering from video game addiction. 

This detailed guide will help you get rid of this addiction. We will provide you with every single information related to video gaming addiction in this article. Let’s start this journey of helping you eliminate this unhealthy obsession without further due.  

What Is Video Game Addiction?

Video game addiction refers to the uncontrollable behavior of playing games online, even if it affects your work, relationships, or studies. It is also known as internet gaming disorder. This gaming research proved around 1.7 to 10 percent of people around the globe are being affected by pathological gaming.  

Some researchers also claim it is a type of behavioral addiction. Studies even claimed the dopamine released by gamers while playing competitive tournaments was equal to the use of psycho-stimulant drugs. 

Causes Of Video Game Addiction

There are several causes of video game addiction. Here are some of the most common reasons among the addicted gamers. 


The first and the most common cause of playing video games is fun. Gamers often start playing for enjoyment and gradually turn into people with an addiction. So always remember to remember your playing time while even playing for fun.  

Increased Dopamine

Playing video games also causes an increase in dopamine, which eventually becomes an addiction. Dopamine is usually released when we find pleasure in doing something and enjoy it. 

There are different kinds of missions and tasks, usually in video games. When the gamers complete these tasks, it gives them a sense of pleasure and causes dopamine release. Their body gets addicted to it, and they play again and again to get this dopamine and satisfaction.    

Connecting Like-Minded People

When you play video games, you often talk and get in contact with many people, such as teammates or opponents. Gamers usually love to speak with like-minded gamers and play with them. It is also another primary reason that results in gaming addiction.    

Being Away From Responsibilities

Another reason many people play video games is to distract themselves. This distraction is usually from their responsibilities, stress, and the problems they are facing in life. While trying to escape these problems, they get addicted to playing video games. 

Signs And Symptoms

These are the most common symptoms among people suffering from video gaming addiction. The World Health Organisation also verifies these for internet gaming disorder. These symptoms include;

  • No time control while playing video games
  • Poor performances in other walks of life, i.e., studying, etc.
  • Prioritising gaming over all other activities
  • Sadness and Irritation when they are not playing
  • Lying about their game time
  • Leaving other activities for gaming
  • Using gaming as a source to escape from negative thoughts 

Potential Concerns Of Video Game Addiction

Gaming is a good refreshment as long as you are playing it for enjoyment. It can cause severe concerns if you develop a gaming addiction. It can lead to serious problems for you, from health to behavior. Let’s take a deep look into these potential concerns.  

Physical Concerns

Gaming addiction can also cause a lot of [physical health issues. One of the most common issues of gamers is the eyesight problems due to excessive screen time. Some other physical topics include inflammation and pain in your thumb or fingers due to keeping them in a particular position for a long time.  

Psychological Concerns

People with gaming addiction often face a lot of psychological problems. The most common types of issues among these people are depression, less social, and an increase in aggression. If you are a gamer and these problems do ring a bell for you, then it is your time to get up and leave this addiction. 

General Side Effects

Gaming addiction not only affects your health but also causes some problems in other walks of life. Some prominent side effects are a weaker memory and an impact on your reading, writing, and problem-solving skills.  


If you have developed the typical video game addiction symptoms, then it is a wake-up call, and you need to go for treatment opinions as soon as possible. There are different treatment options depending on the level of your addiction. 

  • Self-education
  • Focusing on your life goals
  • Replacing some gaming time with your other favorite tasks
  • Consistent gaming breaks
  • Being mindful
  • Spending time with your loved ones
  • Group therapy 
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or residential programs

Final Words

Video game addiction, or internet gaming disorder, is a severe mental condition caused by excessive gaming. It is a very sensitive condition, and if you are suffering from this condition, start its treatment as soon as possible. Alongside physical and mental health problems, it can negatively affect other walks of life, too.

It’s not about leaving gaming altogether but about keeping a safe gap between addiction and enjoyment. Replace your excessive video game time with healthy habits. Stay safe, stay healthy!      

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