What are the 10 common reasons you don’t lose as much weight as you expected?

You need to be careful what you were eating and which calorie intake is good for you because being careful with your calories and maintaining a healthy weight improves your health a lot. Obesity related issues different calories are not affected the health and well-being. You need to consider the good quality food for yourself for a proper healthy and active lifestyle, therefore Following reasons are most common and people ignore these reasons that’s why they are not losing enough amount of body weight.

You are not taking enough protein

When you don’t eat enough protein which is very necessary macronutrient and also helpful for your body and overall functioning and losing weight. If protein is missing in your diet you’re not losing enough weight because your calories intake through carbs will be responsible for you to not getting loose more weight according to your expectations.

To make sure you are eating enough protein daily because protein helps you to control over your appetite which ultimately lower your body weight. Protein also responsible for your muscle to grow when you don’t eat enough protein your muscles become weaker and they require more food and your appetite increases when you eat carbs instead of proteins.

Poor digestion

When your digestion is not proper according to it best levels then your weight loss becomes very difficult you become bloated and Constipation remains for longer times so you’re absorption of nutrients are not properly absorbed by intestines that’s why you are not losing not enough weight as much. You need to take high fiber diet and probiotics for a proper digestive system which helps you to lose weight.

Hit a weight loss plateau

Weight loss plateau hit means your weight remains constant for longer times there and your weight hits his plateau everyone has its weight plateau and for example if you lose 10 pounds and now your weight is your body hits the plateau so you will be not be able to lose weight because to this plateau cause your body will not lose its enough calories and even when you eat lower calories or higher calories it doesn’t decrease your weight.

Presence of Stubborn Fat

Stubborn fat is remained fat which never be lowers with many efforts because when you do efforts to lose your weight it is necessary to lose all body stubborn fat remains in those areas like abdominal area in legs where it is difficult for your body to breakdown those cells and that’s why these stubborn fat remains with a proper effort and makes your weight same.

You are taking a lot of fruits

When you are eating a lot of fruits in your diet fruits are good high in vitamins but as you know fruits are high in sugar as well so when you take fruits more than limits even when you are on a diet it is difficult for your body to lose fat because sugar is present in high quantities then your body will take sugar as a source of energy and it never goes toward fat to get extra calories.

Low metabolism

Metabolism is one of the most important component in losing weight and fat. When you have a low metabolism it will be difficult for your body to breakdown fat for calories as energy source and your body will save calories for your survival as you know fat is totally responsible for survival of your body and body stores fat for its long term life and doesn’t lose fat quickly so when you have a low metabolism it will difficult to break down those fat molecules and your body will adopt some strategies in which you will do the same exercise and your body will use low calories for that same exercise this is a mechanism of body to save fat for your further use that’s why Low metabolism person always remains fat and don’t lose weight even when they tried enough.

Lack of Exercise

When you not do enough exercise it will be difficult for your body to lose extra amount of fat. Regular exercise helps your body to metabolize the stored fat and also lowers your weight. The fact is without exercise you will not be able to lose your weight more.

Water retention

Water retention is a condition in which your body holds water present in your body due to a lot of sodium or even hormonal changes as well some reason of water retention is inflammation as well when you don’t drink enough amount of water and eat a lot of food with sodium then your body store water and you think that your weight is not going down so water retention is maybe a reason. To reduce it you need to drink a lot of water and avoid sodium rich foods.

You’re not tracking your weight correctly

Maybe you are not tracking weight loss correctly the best time when you wake up is the proper time measure your weight because in the morning there are not enough amount of food chemicals or water present in your body that affects the weight changes so weigh yourself once a week not daily basis because your weight may fluctuate your daily base and you will become demotivated so measure your weight at morning times with empty stomachs.

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