Why is Halloween candy bad for your teeth?

Candies are usually not good for your dental health because they contain a lot of sugar that may remain inside of your teeth and cause cavities and other dental problems. That’s why eating candies in normal day life is also not good, but as you know, on Halloween, candies are used as a sweet treat.

Which Halloween candies cause dental problems?

The unhealthiest Halloween candies for your teeth are those that remain stick to your teeth, which are sticky, chewy, or hard candies. These candies cause more damage than those that are not of this quality and contain a lot more sugar than normal candies, so that’s why dentists always recommend not giving these candies on Halloween to your children.   

Break teeth due to candies

These types of candies cause infection in your mouth and sometimes when you give hard candies to children who are not able to break the candy through their mouth and teeth, it is seems that some children break their teeth by biting the hard candy on Halloween, so these are the worst candies for your teeth.

Sticky candies

Sticky candies are usually given on Halloween. Sticky candies are very commonly packed in different rappers, which are very attractive due to the many faces on them. Sticky candies contain taffy gummy bear caramels, and these candies contain sugar, too. These candies are similar to jelly candies and are stuck between your teeth, so it is very difficult to remove them from your teeth because they are very sticky. These candies stick between your teeth, and then it is difficult to wash them out. Sometimes, even when you take this sticky candy out, the sugar stays in your mouth, which causes a Duluth infection and cavities.

Sour Halloween candies

Sour Halloween candies are bad for your teeth because they contain a bunch of crushed sugar and different preservatives that are bad for your teeth. These contain some things that break down the enamel that protects your teeth from harmful, dangerous toxins, so after breaking this layer, these sour candies lead your teeth to cavities, and sometimes, in some cases, teeth seem to decay if you eat too much of these candies.

Sour Halloween candies are packed in very attractive Halloween wrappers that contain different faces; that’s why many children are really attracted to those candies.

Hard candies

Hard candies are difficult to break down by tooth, especially children’s hard candy, including lollipops that are not good, or sometimes candy canes are also damaged very badly. It takes a lot of time for these candies to become soft in your mouth.

Remain longer in mouth

You need to swallow these candies, and these candies remain in your mouth for a longer time because it is difficult to dissolve them immediately. These candies contain a lot of sugars and other harmful chemicals, so when you try to chew them, you may break your teeth, which are really hard to swallow.

Contains toxins

Sometimes, in these candies, some toxins and chemicals are bad for your oral health because your mouth is very sensitive and contains saliva, which contains enzymes that are responsible for digestion. When your children eat hard candy on Halloween, their enzymes, which are responsible for digestion, will not work properly, and their digestive system will be affected.

How we can eat candy safely on Halloween without damaging our teeth?

There are many ways to enjoy candy on Halloween without getting diseases or dental problems. The best way to enjoy Halloween candy without affecting your teeth is to limit

Take a limited amount of candy.

When you take a limited amount of candies on Halloween, it will be easy to protect yourself from any kind of disease because the right way to enjoy it is to not eat too much. Sticky candies on Halloween or eating a lot of candies will damage your teeth, but when you limit yourself from eating a lot of candies, you can enjoy and protect your teeth.

Use mouthwash after eating candy on Halloween.

When on Halloween, candies are excessively present and used as a gift, and when your children are eating too many candies, just don’t compromise their teeth’s health. And right after eating your Halloween candies, you need to use proper mouthwash. Mouthwash washes all the germs and other bacteria’s remaining sugars in your mouth, so your tooth will not be affected after eating candy.

Don’t use too much caramelized candy.

When you stop taking caramelized and over sweetened candies on Halloween. It helps you to prevent your teeth from damage and cavities because eating caramelized candies, even two or one, will affect your teeth badly, so avoid taking these candies.

A cosmetic dentist in Brave Hills, California, advises that certain types of Halloween candy are very harmful to your oral health. Hard, sticky, and gummy candies that contain a lot of sugar are bad for teeth and cause cavities. That dentists also recommend some less harmful candy options like peanut butter, sugar-free gum, which make your teeth healthy, as well as dental equipment to drink. Water drains away to clean up the sugar remaining on your teeth which is helpful.

Seven less Harmful Candy Options for Halloween

There are fewer harmful candy options to eat on Halloween. You can also take fewer harmful candies that do not cause as much damage to your teeth as normal Halloween candies do. Instead of these candies, you can take the following, which really benefit your teeth’s health:

  • Sugar-free gum
  • Popcorn
  • Chocolate
  • Peanut butter balls
  • Almond milk
  • Dry fruit mini balls
  • Frozen fruits

The above are the best and healthiest options for Halloween instead of other candies. You can also pack them in very attractive packets so children will be attracted to them, and these are healthier than those candies that are usually taken on Halloween.

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