Why Testosterone is necessary?

Testosterone is a hormone mainly made by your testicles. Testosterone is responsible for your overall health and promotes sexual development stages mostly present in men than in women, but in both genders, testosterone is usually produced by the adrenal glands. performs the  functions includes helping to increase bone mass and muscle improvement and generally improves sex drives in men and women both but men have a quite high sex drive because they have testosterone in excessive amounts but low testosterone causes various health condition in men.

What are the ten signs that you have low testosterone?

The following are the most common reasons that you have low testosterone: testosterone is a really important hormone in a man’s life, and as long without this hormone, male functioning of every kind is possible; we have to see the following effects of low hormones in man’s body.

Lower libido (Sex Drive)

When you have low testosterone in your body, it is obvious that you have low sexual drive. Because testosterone is essential for the production of sperm and improves these sex seeking behaviors in males, especially when you have low testosterone, it directly affects your desire for sex.

Erectile dysfunction

If you’re facing or suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is a major sign that your testosterone levels are dropping and you don’t have much of this hormone because erectile dysfunction occurs when there is not enough testosterone present in your body for erection and stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which dilates your blood vessels to enter the blood in your penis. That’s why you may feel trouble or difficulty keeping an erection.

Low sperm count

When your sperm count is very low, it is also a major sign of Low testosterone because sperm production depends on your prime hormone. In male testosterone is a prime hormone, which stimulates testicle to produce enough amount of sperms in it, and when your sperm motility is low, it is a sign that you have low testosterone.

Loss of muscle mass

When you have low testosterone, it is possible that your muscle mass is in low quantity and your muscles are not getting enough nutrients to be strong. That’s why you have seen that in men, generally with high testosterone amount they have a lot of muscles and have a lot of good physiques as well compared to women, but when the testosterone levels drop, they have quite a loss of muscle and their muscles become weaker. This strength characteristic of men drops due to low testosterone.

Increased body fat

When your body fat has increased due to low testosterone levels because testosterone helps your metabolism fast so its low quantity makes male lethargic and fat that’s why there are more chances of you getting fat and abdominal fat also increase in men. In some cases, gynecomastia is also common in men due to low amount of testosterone.

Decreased bone density

Your testosterone level is totally responsible For increased bone density in you and strengthens your muscles and bones. Weak bones and ligaments, and sometimes osteoporosis, are common when you have low testosterone levels in your body.

Mood disorders

Your testosterone in men mostly improves your memory, concentration, focus, and self-esteem and also influences your mood and behavior as compared to women. You have seen that men have a lot of the same moods while women have mood swings due to estrogen. Testosterone helps you to be focused and less anxious and provide mood stabilization. There are more chances that you will become stressed, depressed, anxious, and irritated due to low testosterone because it makes the man stable and active.

Hair loss

If you have low testosterone in your body your hair will fall, causing low testosterone effects on your face and hair production as well, so you have low testosterone here as compared to those men who have high testosterone your hair and nail quality will goes down and also you ability to regrow hairs will become affected.

How to regain back testosterones levels?

There are many methods through which we can increase testosterone naturally, and there is hormone replacement therapy in which doctors inject testosterone synthetic made in your body, and the testosterone levels become balanced in your body

At which age testosterone drops naturally

At the age of 50 or above, your testosterone naturally goes down, and in these ages, doctors use synthetic hormone testosterone made and in your body which helps you to regulate the proper functioning but in early ages if you have facing these signs of low testosterone so you need to take a lot of  medication and proper diet to regain testosterone amount and also when your testosterone isn’t improving doctors may recommend to take medicines which helps to get rid of weakness of testosterone in men.

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